Two different NBA owners have been toppled in the past four weeks because of racially radioactive comments they’ve made in recent years.

But that’s just the beginning, according to Bobby Samini, an attorney for former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Samini predicts even more casualties will result from the new racial speech standard set by the NBA against his client.

“We engaged private investigators. It’s no secret to anybody,” Samini told USA TODAY Sports. “I would never discuss what their findings were or anything of that nature. It wouldn’t be appropriate, but what I can tell you is that my sense is that this is just the beginning. There’s not a single owner in the league who doesn’t have an e-mail, a conversation, a conference call comment, that by this standard that’s been established by (NBA Commissioner) Adam Silver, that wouldn’t completely taint them.”

First it was Sterling, who lost his ownership of the Clippers last month. Mostly recently it was Bruce Levenson, who said Sunday he would sell his controlling interest in the Atlanta Hawks after admitting to the NBA he sent a racially insensitive e-mail in 2012.

After Silver moved to strip his ownership of the Clippers April 29, Sterling hired private investigators as part of an effort to prove that the NBA’s punishment against him was unreasonable compared to other speech offenses in the league. They’ve been looking at other owners, and they’re not finished with their mission.

“They’re still very active,” Samini said.

Samini said Sterling is not taking credit for the decision by Levenson to step down. By Levenson’s account, he self-reported the e-mail from 2012 in July — a few weeks after Sterling engaged investigators. In the email, Levenson said he wanted more white cheerleaders and that the “black crowd” at Hawks games “scared away the whites.”

The e-mail came out after an internal investigation by the Hawks — a probe that stemmed from other racially tinged remarks made by team general manger Danny Ferry during a conference call with team ownership in June.